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Quick view
Ultra Dock Brush
Ultra Dock Dust Bag
S7 MaxV/S7 Acc Set
S7 MaxV Water Tank
S8/S7 Mop Cloth
S7 Water Tank
Charging Dock Black
Charging Dock White
S6 MaxV Main Brush
S6 MaxV Battery
Onyx Dust Bag
Onyx HEPA Filter
Q8/Q7 Max Acc Set
Q8/Q7 Max HEPA
Q8/Q7 Max Mop Cloth
S8 Accessories Set
S8 Pro Ultra Acc Set
S8 Pro Ultra Mop Cloth
S8/S8 Pro Duo Brush
S8/S8 Pro Side Brush
S7/S7 MaxV Mainbrush Bracket White
S7/S7 MaxV Mainbrush Bracket Black

---- OVERVIEW ----

- Roborock Q Revo HEPA filter (2pcs)

- Roborock Q Revo Dust Bag (3pcs)

- Roborock Q Revo Mop Pad (4pcs)

- Roborock S8 Accessories Box - Mopping Pad (2pcs), Side Brush (2pcs), HEPA Filter (2pcs)

- Roborock S8 Pro Ultra / S7 MaxV Ultra Dust Bag (6pcs)

- Roborock S8 Dual Roller Brush is not compatible with S7/S6/S5 series, S8 / S8 Pro Ultra duo brush is only compatible with Q8 Max

- Ultra Dock Maintenance Brush (2pcs)

- Roborock S7 / S7 MaxV Ultra / S8 / S8 Pro Ultra / G10 HEPA is compatible, HEPA filter (2pcs)

- Roborock S7 Accessories Box - VibraRise Mopping Pads (2pcs), Side Brushes (2pcs), HEPA filter (2pcs)

- Roborock S7 MaxV / G10 Accessories Box - Mopping Pad (2pcs), Side Brush (2pcs), HEPA Filter (2pcs)

- Roborock S7 MaxV Water Filter - S7 MaxV Ultra Dock Water Filter

- Roborock S7 MaxV Dustbin - S7 MaxV Dustbin with HEPA filter

- Roborock Onyx / S7+ Dust Bags (3pcs)

- Roborock S7 Silicone Roller Brush

- Roborock S6 MaxV Mop Cloth (2pcs)

- Roborock S5 Max / S6 maxV Accessories Box - Mopping Pads (2pcs), HEPA filter (2pcs), Magnetic Tape (1 pc)

- Roborock Q7Max Water Tank - Dustbin Water Tank Combo (with HEPA filter)


---- FEATURES ----

- Extra mopping pads can be purchased if you are waiting for your other mopping pad to dry or replace your old dirty mopping pad. Make an effortless cleaning experience.

- Side brushes can be replace from time to time to maintain high performance of daily cleaning.

- HEPA filter to give maximum filtration of the dust. Purify the air and filter small particle efficiently.

- Change the Replacements, your Robot Using Life will be longer.


---- WARRANTY T&C ----

Warranty is automatically activated when product is shipped to the customer. Roborock warranty covers major electronics components and motors.


However, it does not cover :


1. Any damages caused by human mistake, misuse

2. Scratches, dents, dirt marks, or other mechanical damages

3. Battery degradation

4. Parts such as the fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are consumables and subjected to wear and tear