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------ Overview ------

Your ultimate cleaning companion! This powerhouse features a motorized mini brush for dust mite removal, protecting your skin. Its 2-in-1 cleaning head reaches tight spaces, while the multi-surface brush handles all floor types. Dual rollers provide deep cleaning, and with 17,000Pa suction, no dirt is safe. Smart sensors adjust power, and a built-in detergent tank ensures efficient cleaning. Plus, it self-cleans and even offers hot air drying. With app control, it's user-friendly for all. Upgrade your cleaning game today!


------ Features ------

✔The most versatile|Multiple functions in one machine: floor washing machine, vacuum cleaner, mite removal machine, universal suction


✔High efficiency|High temperature of 55°C for 30 minutes, quick drying + self-cleaning with roller brush front and back scraping and washing


✔The most considerate|Automatically add cleaning liquid to realize double spraying of running water + cleaning liquid


✔Large capacity|The industry's largest fresh water tank 950ml + sewage tank 770ml


✔The longest battery life | The longest battery life in the industry: 43 minutes in scrubbing mode and 60 minutes in vacuum mode


✔The most intelligent|Support APP all-round customized cleaning mode, voice prompt smart dirt detection


✔The most powerful|Wet and dry dual-purpose high-speed brushless frequency conversion fan 17000Pa super strong hurricane-level suction


✔The most trouble-free | One-click automatic cleaning of roller brushes and pipelines + cleaner than manual mopping


✔Cleanest|Both sides welt 1mm clean and zero dead angle + spring scraper anti-winding


✔The most labor-saving | Self-contained traction to move forward + reduce weight for easy control


------ Specifications ------

Vacuum suction : 17,000Pa

Wet and Dry Mode


Clean water tank : 950mL

Dirty water tank : 770mL

Cleaning area : 300sqm

Cleaning time : up to 43mins

Battery efficiency : 30% improvement vs Dyad Pro


Handheld Portable Mode


Dust bin : 465mL

Cleaning time : 60mins


Hot air : 40-50 Degree celsius, cool air released

Mop pressure : 20N


Mode : 4, auto, eco, max, floor drying

Fan motor : 110,000rpm

Brush motor : 500rpm

Battery : 4000mAh

Brush : double side, dual edge cleaning

Cleaning margin : 1mm

Sound level : 78dB

Weight : 5.8KG


------ Warranty Terms & Conditions ------

Warranty is automatically activated when product is shipped to the customer. Roborock warranty covers major electronics components and motors.


However, it does not cover :


1. Any damages caused by human mistake, misuse

2. Scratches, dents, dirt marks, or other mechanical damages

3. Battery degradation

4. Parts such as the fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are consumables and subjected to wear and tear


------ Contents inside Box ------

1 x Main wet and dry vacuum body

1 x Clean water tank

1 x Dirty water tank

1 x HEPA filter

1 x Carpet brush

1 x Crevice nozzle

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Dock station

1 x Power cord (E.U. 2 pin)

- App control, see, touch, adjust water level, self-cleaning schedule, voice alerts, easy for elderly and kids