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Key Features

-17000Pa Powerful Suction
-Vanquish Wet and Dry Messes with DyadPower™
-Improved Edge-to-Edge Cleaning
-RevoBrush™ Self-Cleaning
-RevoBrush™ Drying System
-Adaptive Cleaning with DirTect™ Smart Sensor
-Easy-to-use App Control
-Auto Cleaning Solution Dispenser

Roborock Dyad Pro. A Clean Sweep.

Dyad Pro brings you the perfect clean, every time. Swipe up wet and dry messes in an instant, and experience an entirely new level of cleaning with almost zero maintenance.


DyadPower™ uses multi-rollers that rotate in opposite directions to ensure that no dirt is left behind.

Clean More with 17000Pa of Suction Power

Featuring the DyadPower™ cleaning head with 17000Pa* of suction power, wet and dry messes simply have nowhere to go.

*Completely eliminate wet and dry messes in seconds with a powerful suction of 17000Pa.

Vanquish Wet and Dry Messes

Make mess disappear, wet and dry, with the DyadPower™ cleaning head. With unbelievable suction power and improved rollers, all mess is swiped up, leaving behind the cleanest floor.

RevoBrush™ Self-Cleaning System

Automatically transform your rollers from dirty to clean in an instant, without lifting a finger. Any mess made by your dog doesn’t stand a chance with more than 99%* of dirt being removed from the rollers due to its alternating scrubbing.

*According to Roborock's internal experiments conducted with dirt and cat hairs.

RevoBrush™ Self-Drying System

Rollers are automatically dried with real hot air, which means there won’t be any lingering odors. With noiseless drying mode, the only thing you’ll be hearing is your cat purring.

Improved Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Our edge-to-edge cleaning is dirt and dust's worst nightmare. It provides cleaning on both sides thanks to a full-length roller and two rear rollers, sweeping up messes with margins of less than 1mm*.

*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer,, rollers approach 1 mm to the edges of walls.

Cleaning Made Smarter with DirTect™ Smart Sensor

Dyad Pro automatically adjusts its cleaning power and water flow for the perfect clean when detecting how dirty the floor is. The on-screen LED indicator tells you where the dirt is so you know where to focus.

Clean Like a Pro with the Auto Dispenser

Dyad Pro uses a cleaning solution dispenser that automatically adjusts depending on floor stains to give you a perfect clean. 1 small box of cleaning solution supports up to 20 tanks of clean water, lasting up to 600 minutes*.

*Based on internal testing using ECO mode. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.

Durable Design for Longer, Efficient Cleaning

Dyad Pro uses its battery at a 30% higher efficiency when compared to Dyad. With such industry-leading battery efficiency, it also allows you to deep clean your entire floor, providing a maximum cleaning range of up to 3230 sqft*, on a single charge.

*Based on internal testing using ECO mode. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.

App Connectivity

Dyad Pro easily connects to the Roborock App for your convenience. Need to use the RevoBrush™ Self-Cleaning & Drying System? Need to change the cleaning mode? These options (and more) are a tap away.

Voice Alerts

Forget memorizing error codes or digging out manuals. Just listen out for voice alerts that tell you what you need to know.

Just Roll with It

The rollers rotate bi-directionally to help you easily move the Dyad Pro. At just 4.8kg you can pull and push effortlessly, all the while playing around with your pet friends as you clean.

What's in the Box

Dyad Pro Vacuum(1)

Charging Dock(1)



Power Adapter(1)

Maintenance Brush(1)

User Manual(1)


Retail box Dimensions:28.4x13.4x13.4 inches

Box Weight:23 lbs

Robot Weight:10 lbs

Robot Dimensions:12.2x10.6x43.7 inches

Battery Type:4000 mAh