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Roborock Flexi Lite

Introducing Roborock Flexi Lite - the ultimate flexible and lightweight solution to all your cleaning needs. Leveraging Roborock's vast expertise in home cleaning, it excels in handling wet and dry messes, delivering edge cleaning performance, and effortlessly navigating beneath low-profile furniture. Enhanced with smart features like adaptive cleaning and self-cleaning, it offers effortless and worry-free operation.

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One-Stroke Wet & Dry Cleaning

Cleaning should be efficient, so your precious time is spent on more important matters. From cooking mess, to your cute little ones’ playful chaos, Roborock Flexi Lite has it all covered with a single stroke. With 17,000 Pa suction power and 17N consistent pressure, it’s ensured to meet your high standards of home cleanliness and tidiness.

FlatReachâ„¢ for Deep Cleaning

Roborock's FlatReachâ„¢ technology for thorough cleaning under 15cm low furniture, leaving no place for dirt to hide.

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RevoBrushâ„¢ 2.0 Self-Cleaning

Incorporating Roborock’s automatic self-cleaning technology for wet-dry vacuums, Roborock Flexi Lite self-cleans with a roller scrape and water spray module, ensuring a sparkling clean result while cleaning your floor.

RevoBrushâ„¢ 2.0 Self-Drying

With Roborock Flexi Lite’s hot air self-drying feature, the roller is being scraped and washed in two directions with water, complemented by the flow of 122℉ heated air, guaranteeing a hygiene and odor-free experience in an hour.

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Smart Cleaning for Ultimate Efficiency

With DirTect adaptive cleaning capability, Roborock Flexi Lite adjusts its cleaning power according to dirt levels on the floor, ensuring a thorough and time-saving cleaning experience. When cleaned at the base, DirTect checks if your roller has been cleaned effectively and switches to Deep Clean mode if it detects that the roller is still dirty after washing.

Edge Cleaning

Easily reaches edges and corners with side margin of less than 1mm (1/8 inch)*.

*Based on Internal testing. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.

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All in Reach, All in Sound

With an LED screen accessible at your fingertips, monitoring modes and status becomes effortless. Roborock Flexi Lite also provides real-time updates and operational reminders by convenient voice alerts.

Lightweight Design

Weighing only 8.8lbs, Roborock Flexi Lite makes it easy to clean up messes without lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room.

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What's in the Box

Wet&Dry Vacuum Cleaner (1)

Vacuum Body(1)

Drying and Charging Dock(1)

Maintenance Brush(1)


Power Cable(1)

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