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Before the launch of famous names in the robot vacuum cleaner industry , Roborock launched Roborock Q Revo Pro to regain its position. With notable upgraded features such as FlexiArm dynamic robot arm, 7000Pa suction force, hot water mop, determining floor dirtiness to come up with the optimal working plan.

firstRoborock Q Revo Pro notable upgrades

Roborock Q Revo Pro has arrived with many significant improvements, beating its predecessor, Roborock Q Revo , in both cleaning ability and advanced technology. Join us to explore the impressive changes on this Q Revo Pro.

Roborock Q Revo has powerful performance and a new breakthrough
Roborock Q Revo has powerful performance and a new breakthrough

FlexiArm dynamic robotic arm

Roborock Q Revo Pro is equipped with a FlexiArm dynamic robotic arm, allowing it to mop the floor along the edges in a flexible and customizable way, increasing coverage up to 92%. The ability to rotate and avoid obstacles has been improved, helping the robot operate more intelligently and flexibly.

FlexiArm dynamic robotic arm
FlexiArm dynamic robotic arm

Ability to sterilize up to 99.9% with high temperature

Roborock Q Revo Pro allows you to choose between 3 temperature settings, up to 60°C. You can choose between fabric washing mode or automatic mode, with the ability to adjust the amount of water and washing time. Depending on how dirty the rag is, you can choose a gentle wash mode for light stains or a strong wash mode for heavy stains.

Flexible rubber main brush

The main brush of the Roborock Q Revo Pro is designed entirely with rubber and is patented. This helps prevent the brush from tangling during cleaning and increases carpet performance compared to traditional bristle brushes.

Roborock Q Revo Pro perfect upgrade
Roborock Q Revo Pro perfect upgrade

The main brush or mop has the ability to be raised and lowered flexibly, making vacuuming or mopping more professional. AI smart control lifting and mopping module automatically lifts up to 8mm when detecting carpet hair longer than 3mm or needs more reliable anti-wet effect, you can select “carpet avoidance mode”.

Inheriting and upgrading the dual rotating mop

Roborock Q Revo Pro continues to use dual rotating mop technology, with a high rotation speed of up to 200 rpm and continuous wet mopping ability, making the floor cleaner. You can also select the “slow deep cleaning” mode if needed.

The Q Revo Pro's water tank is precisely electronically controlled, allowing the water output to be adjusted and ensuring floors are dry immediately after mopping. When detecting a heavily dirty area, the robot will automatically repeat the cleaning process a second time, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.

Roborock Q Revo Pro's versatile and smart charging station with many notable improvements

Upgraded Q Revo Pro multi-function charging station
Upgraded Q Revo Pro multi-function charging station

The mop can be washed with hot water

With three different water temperature options, Q Revo Pro allows you to simulate the same high-temperature cleaning process as a washing machine. This ensures that your floors will be optimally cleaned.

Base station dry slide

The dual-channel hot air system quickly removes moisture, keeping the Roborock Q Revo Pro's charging station dry and clean.

Automatic dust collection

Roborock Q Revo Pro features an E12 level filter, allowing you to forget about worrying about dust and dirt for long periods of time. With effective dust collection, it is capable of removing more than 99.9% of pollen and dust.

Automatic hydration

Q Revo Pro's large 4L water tank automatically pours water into the water tank on the robot vacuum cleaner. This ensures that the robot will always have enough juice to work without your intervention.

Removable litter tray

The charging station's cleaning tray can be removed from the base station, making it easy to clean and no need to worry about dirt remaining at the bottom of the station.

Automatic smart water supply and drainage (requires purchase of additional automatic kit)

Roborock Q Revo Pro version supports smart automatic water supply and drainage function. It has the ability to automatically add clean water and discharge dirty water. However, you need to purchase this additional water supply and drainage kit to use this feature.

In addition, the navigation and movement capabilities of Roborock Q Revo Pro have been significantly upgraded thanks to the return of the AI ​​Camera.

Camera Reactive AI experiences faster cleaning

Roborock Q Revo Pro has integrated structured light and an RGB camera, allowing it to better identify 62 types of objects across 20 different categories. This provides superior environmental awareness, not just for obstacle avoidance.

Fast and smart mapping

The Roborock Q Revo Pro robot has intelligent route planning and zoning capabilities, helping it quickly create detailed maps of the workspace.

Multi-layer management

Q Revo Pro has the ability to automatically combine maps from different floors, helping it work effectively in multi-story homes.

Smart restricted area

Roborock Q Revo Pro has the ability to identify dangerous areas and zones to avoid falls.

Overcome obstacles intelligently

Q Revo Pro has the ability to intelligently overcome obstacles up to 2cm in height, avoiding getting stuck in the middle of work.

Connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks

Roborock Q Revo Pro has the ability to store and automatically switch between many different Wi-Fi networks.

Anticipation along the wall

Roborock Q Revo Pro has the ability to predict in advance to avoid collisions with objects and walls during movement.

Chat online with your family through Roborock Q Revo Pro

The robot supports real-time video and two-way voice, allowing you to chat with your family through Q Revo Pro, even when you're not at home.

Roborock Q Revo integrates online chat camera
Roborock Q Revo integrates online chat camera

Other features

  • 3D Map : The robot creates a 3D map of your home, creating an augmented reality experience through AR.
  • 6-layer noise reduction design : Reduces noise throughout the robot's working process, keeping you from being disturbed.
  • Off-peak charging plan : Calculate and charge outside peak hours to save power.
  • Smart map strategy : Offline map storage and automatic backup.
  • 30% faster charging : Q Revo Pro has a 30% faster charging speed than other robot vacuum models.


Battery type Lithium batteries
Battery capacity 5200mAh (type)
Robot size 353mm x 350mm x 102mm
Charging base volume 487mm x 340mm x 521mm
Video calls Have
Obstacle avoidance technology Dynamic AI reaction avoids obstacles with light range + recognition structure
Suction force 7000Pa
Enemy Sterilize at high temperature 60°C