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 Elevate cleaning with Roborock Q8 Max: 5500Pa Hyper Suction, Dual Roller Brush for tangles and particles. AI obstacle detection, multi-level mapping for precise cleaning. 300g Mopping Pressure, Electric Water Tank, and Carpet Boost ensure thoroughness. 3D mapping, voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri streamline usage. Redefine cleaning with advanced features in a compact design.



- 5500Pa Hyper Suction

- Dual Roller Main Brush

Capture, pull out tangled hair on carpet, floor surface, scrub and pull out 99.99% micro particles

- AI obstacle detection, smartly re-route and avoid traps


- Multi-level mapping, save up to 4 maps

Bigger Dust Bin and Water Tank, make it easier for user to maintain. Accommodate more dust and water for unstopable cleaning.


- 300g Mopping Pressure

Applying constant pressure during mopping, mimic human mopping behavoiur to clean all stubborn stains on the floor. Enhancing cleansing effectivity, removing grime for squeaky clean floor. 30 water circulation ranges so you may fine-tune cleansing to match your flooring varieties and preferences.


-Electric Water Tank

300g active pressure, better mopping effect with 30 water flow levels, digitally controlled by electric water pump, customizable for each individual room


- Carpet boost

Detects carpet and boost up vacuum power, deeply clean pets fur, kids snacks, skin debris hidding in carpet rug


- 470ml Dust Bin & 350ml Water Tank

Bigger Dust Bin and Water Tank, make it easier for user to maintain. Accommodate more dust and water for unstopable cleaning.


- LiDAR-based navigation system that allows it to map rooms

More precise house & room mapping for Multi Level Cleaning, Specific Room Cleaning, No Go Zone, etc

- 3D map of your home, which also puts furniture on the map

More accurate floor plan of your home. Making it easier to have the vacuum clean up a specific area – like in front of the couch. Add furnishings and flooring supplies to create an extra correct illustration of your private home.

- Voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri

Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Just say, ""Hey Google, ask Roborock to charge,"" or ""Alexa, ask Roborock to clean"


Vacuum Suction : 5500Pa

Cleaning Area : 300 sqm

Robot Dustbin : 470mL

Water Tank : 350mL

Max Running Time : 240min

Max Mopping Area : 275sqm

Charging Time : 4-5hr

Obstacle Climability : 2cm

Noise Level : 67dB

Power : 59W

HEPA : E11 Grade

Battery : 5200mAh

Robot Dimension : 350 x 350 x 96 mm

Net Weight : 4KG

Software: Customizable Room Cleaning

Software: Selective Room Cleaning

Software: Multi-level Mapping

Software: Automatic Room Recognition

Software: Voice Control

Software: Child Lock

Software: 3D Mapping

Hardware: Floating All-Rubber Brush

Hardware: Pressure Mopping

Hardware: Electronic Water Tank

Hardware: Carpet Boost Mode



Warranty is automatically activated when product is shipped to buyer. ROBOROCK warranty covers major electronics components and motor.

It DOES NOT cover :

1. Any damages due to human mistake, misuse, misconduct

2. Scratches, dent marks, or any other mechanical mark on product

3. Degradation of battery

4. Consumable parts such as fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are subjected to wear and tear

For warranty service, you are hereby agree that

1. After engineer inspection, faulty components will be replaced with brand new components

2. Warranty returning fee is born by buyers, re-delivery fee is borned by seller.

3. Once product is unboxed and item is used, option to return / refund is no longer accepted due to warranty activation and hygiene reasons



1 x Roborock Q8 Max

1 x Charger dock

1 x Power Cable (E.U. 2 pin)

1 x Digital water tank

1 x Side brush

1 x Dual silicon main brush

1 x Mop mount

1 x Mop cloth

1 x Moisture-Proof mat

1 x User manual"


Customer drop off the device at local service center for servicing

IMPORTANT: Please select the correct set before check out !